How to increase female sex drive

how to increase female sex drive

how to increase female sex drive

The female libido There’s plenty known about the male libido. Duh. The female libido, on the other hand is beautiful and complex and lesser known about. One myth is that a woman’s libido is more controlled than a man’s and there is also a general sense that the female libido might not be quite as … The Female Libido: How To Increase Your Sex Drive Read More »

 · Boosting a low sex drive is completely possible! Since hormonal imbalance is the biggest factor for a low sex drive in women, balancing hormones is the best thing to do to improve libido. Eat plenty of healthy fats – Polyunsaturated fats (like those from vegetable oils) do not give the body the building blocks it needs to produce hormones.

To date, the FDA hasn't approved a product to boost female sex drive. It's no small problem. A low sex drive is the most common sexual complaint made by women -- up to 30% to 40% of them, according...

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